Dear colleagues,

I am proud to announce the second of a series of regional Experts in Stone Disease (ESDR) meetings that will take place in beautiful Gold Coast/ Australia.

ESD is a concept that has gained popularity in much of the world over the last 5 years. It offers a modulated, technically focused approach to management of urinary stone disease, with the result being rapid up-skilling in endourological and conservative management of calculi. In addition, ESD presents modules on endourology in general. For Australia, electro- and robotic prostate surgery, and alternative prostate and ureter stent treatments have been added to the exciting program.

ESD offers the opportunity for trainees and urologists to become conversant with contemporary issues in best practice management of stone disease, as well as endourological management of more complex pathologies. Besides state-of-the-art lectures by a renowned international and local faculty, modules will be delivered by hands-on workshops and unedited “as live” videos.

The meeting will be held in the beautiful secluded Intercontinental Hotel in Sanctuary Cove which will provide a serene setting for the meeting and an exclusive exotic setting for the after-meeting activities.

We would encourage anyone whose practice has an interest in this area to take advantage of the opportunity to attend ESD when it is brought to Queensland in August 2016.

Noor Buchholz  

Noor Buchholz
Chairman ESD
Scientific Director of ESDR Australia 2016